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So you're tired of over face paced shoot 'em ups and games with over the top graphics, with no substance. You want something easy to get into, with great gameplay but simple graphics that are functional. Well you may just be interested in play free tetris! In case you haven't heard of it tetris is a game where the idea is create rows using various shapes. The shapes fall randomly down the game area, and include a an L, bar, square and a T shape. The concept is so simple, but also opens the doors for a very challenging game once the speed in which the shapes fall is brought into the equation. Being one of the most popular game of all time, Tetris is one of the first game developed in the new html5 games format.

When you create a row using the shapes, the completed row will flash for a second or two and then disappear. This will create a new space and will give you some breathing room if your shapes are starting to reach the top. If you don't create any rows for a while the shapes will soon stack up, making the game become increasingly difficult. Upon reaching the top, the game will be over. Did you know tetris is one of the most popular games among girls? Other popular games among girls include: dress up games, cooking games, make up games and others. For the guys there are of course free car games on offer.

Tetris was originally created by a programmer named Alexey Pajitnov who released the game the early 1980's. This game is on many platforms including the SNES, Mega Drive, NES, and Gameboy amongst others. And now you can play free tetris online! As well as tretris, other free online games which have been popular for equally as long are games like snake game. This type of game has simple game play where you must guide a snake to eat food ina confined area, growing the more you consumre. There have also been many games which have been inspired by tetris including a couple of game which you can play on this site. Games like 99 bricks and Blockount 2 build upong the great gameplay of the original, but offer something new such as an isometric viewpoint instead of the classic sideview, or colored shapes to give a new dimension to the game. Parking Games are some other best free online games of skill which you should play if you want to test your patience. With these game you will need to park all sorts of different types of vehicle including cars and trucks.

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